Involving Kids For Innovation In Science And Technology


Jacob Leggette is a nine-year-old inventor who has printed everything with the help of a 3-D printer he had invented. He has created a bubble-blowing wand and even a model of a White house. Not only did he print these, he also met President Obama and shared his inventions. He also recommended to President Obama to have a kid as a science advisor. The president fell in love with the idea so much that he immediately proposed to bring in a group of kids for sharing their ideas and inputs in science and bring in their innovations. This way, the kids get a first-hand experience and knowledge about science and makes them interested in learning more about them.

kids-buildingPresident Obama is interested in hearing from kids across the country to share their inventions and tell him about what can be done for improving the field of science, technology and discovery. Whether it is climate change or curing cancer, the best use of technology can help in improving the lives of people. Even if you are interested in getting people ported to Mars, you’re welcome to share your ideas says the President.

President Obama further added that Kids are inspiring and they look at even the biggest problems as if it is something they can solve. They are very confident about finding solutions and using science for this only broadens their exposure in learning the subject. Age is never a barrier for finding new things. Kids are not afraid of asking questions and getting and understanding. That makes the even more inquisitive than they can be.

If you have a kid who is great at finding solutions to science problems, encourage them and help them in finding more inspiration to do greater things. Don’t be afraid to share them with the President himself. Who knows your kid might be on the way to the white house next season.

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