Hazards Present In Household Dust


It is estimated that people in United States spend more than 90 percent of time inside. It could be anywhere such as home, school, work, cars or gyms. It is not a bad thing to stay indoors. However, the problem is that these places are very dust. Items at home such as televisions, beauty products, cleaning products and flooring materials are very dusty and the thin dust ends up on the floor most of the times.

The chemicals that are present in the dust can enter our body when we breathe and touch anything. When we touch anything, it contaminates that surface also and then transfers them to the food we eat. They result in causing health problems.

Indoor dust consists of chemicals from various products and it is like a parking space for various chemicals at home. mopping-300x300Further analysis of these particles can reveal what kind of chemicals we are dealing with the how to counter them and stop them from entering our body. Also, we can understand the proportion of chemicals that are entering our body.

Young children are more at risk due to the exposure towards chemicals that are present indoor. Dust can come in contact with them when they are crawling or playing and then they use the same hands to eat without washing. Their body and immune system is still under development and that is the major reason why they are more at risk than adults.

During the year 2015, scientists from George Washington University has conducted a research and they have analysed the indoor chemicals that the children and adults are getting exposed. There are approximately 45 chemicals that are present in the indoor dust. Therefore, make sure that you wash your hands and insist that your children do so as well before eating. Clean the house frequently and clean the floors with a mop. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.